"My feet move on their own at the Salsa rhythm of Barrio Latino. PURE JOY!"

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"Sometimes technology does make marvels. So this Timba.com reader from Hungary starts to sending me some MP3s - sequences of music he is working on for his band. Questions, emails, Skype messages... but I never got around to listening to the music. Finally it's 2am one morning and I'm coding my website and I put it on. Cuerpo, mambo, bloques, BOMBA... man... it's all there! Who is this guy??" - Michael Lazarus (Grammy award winning sound engineer)

"Timba is going to become the traditional Cuban music of the next future. Thanks for loving and performing our culture. Best" Juan De Marcos (Afro-Cuban All Stars)

Formed in 2008 by trumpeter and composer Tamás Bodzsár and a group of young jazz musicians, Barrio Latino is the first Timba orchestra in Hungary. There were several musicians and singers working with the group for the past years, but with the renewal of the project in 2013 a new lead singer from Honduras, Mario Ochoa joined the band. The bands’ music was recognized by Grammy award winning sound engineer Michael Lazarus, and as a consequence of this collaboration, Barrio Latino’s debut single (Con Clave Y Tambó) has been released on the USA-based record label. Since then, the song has been played by radios and salsa DJs in more than 50 countries all around the world.